When it comes to great security, JCJ Security Service is a company that can provide the most affordable and dependable service for you and your establishment.

Our commissioned and non-commissioned officers are highly qualified with over 15 years of extensive knowledge in the security industry, public safety and working effectively in emergency situations. At JCJ, our staff is professionally trained to handle all events whether you need one officer or a team of officers. We specialize in residential and commercial premises, resolving disturbances, conducting standard patrols and operating complex security systems and equipment, where possible.

JCJ Security Company is licensed and fully bonded by the State of Texas, and it's our internal standards of excellence and quality that sets us apart. Through rigorous training and owning all our equipment, our presence can create the peace of mind and security to accommodate the most discriminative of tastes. We insist that the most qualified and hand selected supervisors monitor each assignment that our clients employ.

JCJ Security Service employs only those officers who pass a rigorous background check, as well as, those officers who have a proven track record of reliable references. Additionally, we conduct our own character evaluations in an effort to enlist officers that embody and cherish the principles of honor and integrity which we have built our reputation on a hand shake and a contract to provide the most comprehensive and affordable care that you deserve. Our officers go through mandatory trainings that include all the paraphernalia whether they are commissioned or noncommissioned.

We would welcome an opportunity to earn your trust and business, as all appointments for any event shall be discussed in person to ensure that all concerns and needs are addressed with the urgency and professionalism that sets us apart from other organizations. Please feel free to contact JCJ Security Service to arrange a date and time that is convenient for you.

We appreciate you for considering JCJ Security Service for providing the most comprehensive and affordable service for you and your business.